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We have an immediate opening for an experienced Account Executive and Senior Account Executive-level professionals for our Video Games and Convergent Media practices. Positions may be based on Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks), San Francisco or San Diego. Interested? Read more! It’s a good gig. Good clients – fun accounts. If you are interested in applying, please […]

Dodging the Movie/Game Stigma with Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, nWay’s latest game, fits within both of the most blacklisted types of games imaginable. The gaming media is rarely interested in covering mobile games and typically skews radically cynical when it comes to licensed movie tie-ins. It’s a vicious cycle, albeit one that is often justified by an onslaught of cash-grab […]

Creating Success for GameMaker Studio 2’s Official Launch

Working in video games is always great, but doing the PR for YoYo Games, an industry leader in 2D video game engines, is truly next level. Once they tasked us to handle media relations for the official launch of GameMaker Studio 2, the stellar follow-up to an incredible game creation tool, we were thrilled to […]

Console, Mobile and PC Games, VR hardware, and a Game Engine: GDC 2017

It’s no secret – GDC is becoming less and less of a media show and turning back to it’s old focus as a true meeting of the minds in the video games industry. But that doesn’t mean there is a loss of PR opportunity at the conference if the story and the product are right. […]

Sniper Elite 4 Explodes at Launch with Wonacott on the Frontlines

A little under a year ago, we were given the awesome opportunity to help bring the Sniper Elite franchise to new heights by leading the PR efforts in North America for Sniper Elite 4, in conjunction with developer Rebellion and the game’s US distributor, U&I Entertainment. Leading up to the game’s release this week, we […]

Nexon America/Wonacott Build Hype for Hyper Universe with Media and Influencers

Nexon America, the publisher behind the popular MMORPGs MapleStory, Riders of Icarus and the upcoming online competitive multiplayer shooter LawBreakers, had another engaging title up its sleeve of amazing online experiences – the 2D side-scrolling MOBA Hyper Universe – and they tapped into Wonacott Communications to build up the hype at PAX South. One of […]

Jason Wonacott to Share Insight on how Independent PR Pros can Best Work with Agencies

Our team’s very own Jason Wonacott (a.k.a. the PR Guy) will be sharing practical tips for independent PR pros at this year’s “Are you ‘Agency Ready” Workshop at Lawry’s The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills. The panel focuses on how agencies partner with independent practitioners and how they can create a win-win situation. However, seeing […]

The PR Paladin’s Quick PAX South Experience

PAX South was a special show for me for three big reasons. First, I have never been to Texas, so getting to explore a part of the United States I’ve never been to was enjoyable Second, I’ve only been to PAX West in Seattle, so as a hardcore gamer, checking out another PAX is very […]

Final Preview for Sniper Elite 4 Scores with Media Coverage

Balancing campaign needs with partners in multiple markets around the world isn’t always easy – but luckily the Wonacott team is no stranger to coordinated global campaigns. When we heard that Sniper Elite 4 developer Rebellion was hosting an event in the UK for European media, we jumped at the chance to emulate the session […]

The PR Paladin’s Favorite Tech at CES 2017

I’ve always followed CES from afar, but never had an opportunity to attend. This year I got the opportunity to take in the show by staffing Pico Interactive, Inc’s booth and showcasing the company’s amazing new VR headset – the Pico Neo CV. I could *not* have been more ecstatic. We met with a ton […]