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PRism Awards Honor Wonacott for Videogames PR Programs


Pats on the back are in order for our fabulous Wonacott team! Last week we took home two awards as part of the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) Los Angeles chapter PRism Awards ceremony.  PRSA recognized our company alongside some of the biggest and brightest PR firms in Los Angeles, including GolinHarris, Ketchum and Olmstead Williams, for a couple of our outstanding videogames PR campaigns.

THQ Unleashes its first DLC for Darksiders II, Argul’s Tomb

Feel your time with Death ended too soon? THQ’s first downloadable content pack for Darksiders II, Argul’s Tomb, should ease your sorrow. The DLC allows gamers to get their hands on two new icy dungeons, more glorious loot (yes, you read it, more loot!) and more bad*** bosses to challenge our antihero.

Check out what GamesRadar, Gaming Nexus and ZTGD have to say about the new DLC:

Those lucky souls who purchased the Limited Edition version of Darksiders II will find a unique code in their game box that allows them to access Argul’s Tomb. For everyone else, the DLC is also available on Xbox 360 for 560 MS points as well as PlayStation 3 and PC for $6.99.

Let’s not keep Death waiting; it’s time to download Argul’s Tomb.

Death Goes Live!

For many of us here at Wonacott, this is a week for which we spent months waiting (and preparing), and it looks like we’re not the only ones! Yesterday was truly Death’s day as Darksiders II launched at midnight and took the videogame industry by storm with reviews across top media outlets, including CNET and Destructoid, as well as consumer sites such as Maxim:

“After playing Darksiders II, if Death came knocking at our door, we’d totally invite him in for a beer.”

   “Darksiders II absolutely won me over.”

Darksiders II delivers a lot of what I'd expect to see in a proper sequel.”

  “Darksiders II takes the best elements from many games and blends them into a seamless, wholly satisfying package.”

Death Explains his Quest in the Final Darksiders II Gameplay Trailer

We can’t wait to try our hand as Death when THQ releases Darksiders II nationwide next week. To tide us – and everyone else eagerly awaiting the game – over, THQ released the final Darksiders II gameplay trailer today. You can view the trailer at Dread Central, Game Informer and GameSpot.




The Nerdist also has some great gameplay footage up on the “Inside Kids” podcast from Comic Con!

For more post-apocalyptic action, check out the official Darksiders II website: http://www.darksiders.com/.

Are you ready for Death?

Witness Death Unleashed in New THQ TV Spot for Darksiders II

Death tears his way through Hell and Earth in “Last Salvation,” the newly released CG trailer for Darksiders II. Currently, the trailer is hitting airwaves across the country, but if you can’t wait for Death to come to your TV screen you can catch the trailer on Cinema Blend, GameSpot and Neoseeker.





Darksiders II is scheduled for release on August 14. Pre-orders are available at: http://www.darksiders.com/buy.

THQ Reveals the First Full Gameplay Trailer for Darksiders II

Death is quickly approaching, and in preparation for Aug. 14 THQ has released its first full gameplay trailer, “Death Comes for All.” Check out Darksiders II’s on Complex, Forbes and IGN.




For more awesomeness, the official Darksiders II Facebook page has some exclusive concept art up too: https://www.facebook.com/Darksiders.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of DSII yet?

There’s an App for That

With the mobile market booming, it seems like just about everyone (including your mom) not only has a smart phone, but is using it to download the best entertainment and utility apps. This week, Wonacott is immersed in the app world more than ever as two clients, THQ and Bare Tree Media, launch three apps based on highly successful franchises.

James Cosmo Walks Into a Church…

If Wonacott were to sit next to prolific Scottish actor James Cosmo in a pub, we’d be pretty stoked, as a number of us are huge “Game of Thrones” fans. Cosmo, best known for his roles in “Braveheart” and “GoT,” also lends his voicing talents to (Wonacott client) THQ’s upcoming title Darksiders II. Recently he chatted with Digital Trends about his work on the game.

Happy Anniversary Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association

The end of June is always an exciting time, and not just because Anime Expo and Comic-Con are around the corner. It’s because the Supreme Court, an institution that’s been in the headlines a lot recently, tends to hand down some big decisions around this time each year. One year and one day ago today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that video games deserve First Amendment protection, in the same way that books, movies, plays and other forms of expression are considered “speech,” and are deserving of First Amendment protection. After spending years combating poorly drawn legislative restrictions from multiple states, the video game industry and proponents of free speech everywhere could finally claim victory when the highest court in the land put the debate to rest: video games are art.

Video games as art: a screenshot from THQ’s upcoming Metro: Last Light.

Casual Connect Interviews Jason Wonacott

Check out Casual Connect’s website for an in-depth interview with our very own CEO, Jason Wonacott, as he delves into the in’s and out’s of videogames PR, and offers insight into existing and future trends within the realm of interactive entertainment.

If you’re a game developer or publisher looking for some advice regarding marketing your game (and the pitfalls to avoid) – or if you’re just curious about how you can go from being a videogames nerd enthusiast to doing PR for them – then have a read!