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Team Wonacott’s CES 2016 Roundup

CES 2016 came to an end this past Saturday in Las Vegas leaving us with an after taste of some of the coolest, weirdest, and “OMG?!” tech of the season. From VR to hoverboards to videogame consoles for pets, practically everything from our wildest imaginations was showcased at this year’s Consumer Technology Association. Here’s what […]

Rachel’s 2014 CES Top Tech Picks
Well, it’s a wrap for this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES)! With more than 155,000 “techies” of all different ages and occupations attending, CES has the bragging rights of being the largest tradeshow in North America. During its tenure at the Las Vegas Convention Center, attendees are given the chance to check out all the latest toys and tech from some of the world’s most established tech giants. From the newest generation of smart phones to the latest in smart homes, CES continues to prove it’s one of the most eagerly anticipated tradeshows. 


Connected Gaming Week – Jan. 10
The Industry
PC Magazine
So what's hot on the CES floor this year? It's positively littered with tablets, convertible laptops, phones, fitness gadgets, cameras, HDTVs and cars—you name it, and you'll find a ton of it here.


Connected Gaming Week – Dec. 13
The Players
After so much talk about the rise of the mobile game industry in recent years, it's perhaps surprising that much of the big news this year revolved around playing games in the living room. But it wasn't the releases of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 that provided the real explosive drama — rather, it was the build-up to release, decisions made along the way and announcements from potential new rivals.