Wonacott Communications

Trade show: Getting Press off the Beaten Path for Indie Games Previews

Situation Overview

After a disappointing media reception at the 2014 Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), Versus Evil turned to Wonacott Communications to help out with press coverage and media hype for 2015. The indie publisher was showcasing five awesome games over three days of the show, but the venue was at an Airbnb apartment off the beaten path from the Moscone Convention Center. Wonacott had to maximize media exposure for Versus Evil and its games (and make sure the media could find the apartment!).

Wonacott Approach

We took this goal to the streets – literally. We needed Versus Evil to have the quickest, most convenient and cost affordable way to help the media access to the apartment from GDC, so we proposed something simple, yet cost efficient: branded Pedicabs. Versus Evil had a private, inexpensive pedicab service to bring media from the conference into their private showing of all the games Versus Evil had to show. With Versus Evil branding, the cabs were easy to find, a fun way to travel and drew attention in front of Moscone and back and forth to the press meetings.

We had a bit of a curve ball when at the last minute we had to cancel the third day of appointments and reschedule those editors over the first two days. We worked our contacts and made it happen, and the media were generally thrilled about the games, Versus Evil and even the pedicabs. Wonacott helped provide a stress-free solution to an exclusive game show, which let the games work their magic.


The private showcase was a huge success. Editors from almost 30 outlets experienced the showcase. Versus Evil received exposure to a potential audience of nearly 20 million unique monthly website visitors, and media members even boasted about the pedicab experience making them feel like VIPs.