Wonacott Communications

Press Event: Total War Summit brings the franchise’s future to media

Situation Overview

2015 has been an awesome year… NASA discovered water on Mars, the United States and Cuba restarted diplomatic relations and SEGA’s Total War Series celebrated its 15-year anniversary. To make this list, SEGA came to Wonacott with a vision to boost the hype for the series – and on Dec. 3, 2014 Wonacott Communications, SEGA and developer Creative Assembly hosted the Total War Showcase at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco.

The Wonacott Approach

Wonacott tackled this situation with numerous approaches: introduce the games to exclusive press members, negotiate the terms of the embargo and celebrate the anniversary. Though we were setting the stage for the upcoming launch of the PC RTS Total War: Attila, we also teased the unannounced games Total War: Arena and Total War Battles: Kingdoms.

The event featured an electrifying presentation by Creative Assembly after which editors rushed the floor to get their hands on Total War: Arena. While press played the game, we coordinated pre-booked and on the fly interviews with Creative Assembly and Sega spokespeople.

The 10 vs. 10 battles in Total War: Arena showed off the appeal and fun of the game. The event got full coverage and Wonacott helped build the hype train for the Total War series, choo choo!


Wonacott’s showcase was a tremendous success and the Total War games hit major coverage. Press members from sites including GameSpot and TheEscapist said they were fully into the game and couldn’t wait to check out more. Outlets such as Destructoid said they enjoyed the “chill” environment and appreciated how Wonacott let journalists move at their own pace. Even sites that were unable to attend like GameInformer updated coverage through Wonacott outreach