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Major Influencer Relations Abound at PAX South for 505 Games and Wonacott

Shows including PAX South make for interesting challenges in the PR world. Traditional media tend to avoid it due its smaller size and meager attractiveness for those huge and juicy announcements. Knowing this ahead of time however, meant that Wonacott and 505 Games were able to capitalize on the event’s quirks by shifting our focus […]

Wonacott Conquers the MarCom Awards with Two Platinum Wins!

Another year, another round of awards for the Wonacott crew! Working hand-in-hand with videogames is enough of an award itself, but we’d be lying if we said the extra recognition didn’t make us love our jobs even more. The 2017 MarCom Awards honored us with two coveted Platinum awards, the organization’s top honor, for the […]

YoYo Games Wins Design & Creativity Tool Award at Develop Conference 2017

We are incredibly stoked to share that YoYo Games’ GameMaker Studio 2 just won the Design & Creativity Tool Award at Develop Conference! As one of the leading 2D game engines, GameMaker Studio 2 is a classic example of how behind-the-scenes tools are often overshadowed by the games produced using them. From a PR perspective, […]

Bringing an Educational Game Engine to the Right Audiences

YoYo Games’ GameMaker Studio 2, a leading 2D game engine, is well-known for its ease-of-use and dedicated support system from its internal team and community of developers. Countless game creators have used the engine to hone their skills or make their first video game. This made YoYo Games’ decision to release a simple package deal […]

Creating Success for GameMaker Studio 2’s Official Launch

Working in video games is always great, but doing the PR for YoYo Games, an industry leader in 2D video game engines, is truly next level. Once they tasked us to handle media relations for the official launch of GameMaker Studio 2, the stellar follow-up to an incredible game creation tool, we were thrilled to […]

Nexon and Wonacott strike again with PRSA-LA PRism Awards Win for LawBreakers!

It’s always fun to work on amazing games, especially Nexon America’s LawBreakers, and it is even more incredible that our hard work on promoting the title was recognized by the PRSA-LA as a finalist for three categories at the show. As the Wonacott crew rolled up in our typical bombastic fashion alongside our friends at […]

Nexon and Wonacott Shatter PR Laws, Scoring Major Award Nominations for LawBreakers

Working on the PR for LawBreakers has been a friggin’ awesome experience and we are stoked to see that media and consumers are as excited for it as we are! The game’s unique spin on gravity-bending, high-octane combat was our go-to highlight in boosting it above the onslaught of competitive first-person shooters hitting the market. […]

Wonacott Secures Huge Coverage For Star Trek Timelines

With Star Trek celebrating its 50th Anniversary earlier this month, Wonacott is working with Disruptor Beam, developer of hit mobile game Star Trek Timelines, to take advantage of the increased media and consumer interest in the iconic science fiction franchise. When a special surprise consisting of THE MOST ADDICTIVE GAME IN THE GALAXY was added […]

Wonacott Slays the Media En Route to Killer Coverage for Launch of CABAL 2

After months of working with ESTsoft on their launch campaign, the entire Wonacott team is so stoked for the launch of CABAL 2 today! With the open beta now officially live, players from across the world can now get in on the intense massively multiplayer online (MMO) game action. With such a huge milestone coming after months after build-up, which included two dedicated series of developer diaries, multiple announcements and a virtual preview tour, the Wonacott team is thrilled to spread the word was about the launch of CABAL and extend a congratulations to our partners at ESTsoft.

Wonacott Invades E3 2015!

Another year, another kickass E3 expo. This year, team Wonacott set out to help our friends over at Kobojo, LOOT Interactive and Versus Evil promote their stunning upcoming games. After booking what seemed to be a never ending list of media, locking in event venues, and coordinating all-day interviews, we were ready to take over E3 by storm!