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Connected Gaming Week – May 22

As we prepare for Memorial Day weekend, we’re sad to say that this is our final Connected Gaming Week. Although sending out our final newsletter feels bittersweet, we set a goal six years ago to get the word out on online and multiplayer games at a time when such titles weren’t getting a lot of attention – but thankfully, the industry has changed and genuinely embraced connected gaming in a big way. And so, for one final time, we sign off – thanks, as always, for reading Connected Gaming Week. Please feel free to follow Wonacott PR on Twitter, Facebook, and on our official blog for more game industry, PR and marketing insights.

Wonacott Releases EEDAR’s Mobile Games Report, Industry is Abuzz


EEDAR, the largest specialty video game research firm in the world, is always analyzing new trends in the industry. With almost three quarters of Americans owning a smartphone or tablet, EEDAR studied the mobile and tablet games industry and recently released its latest report, “2014 Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming.”  Revealing surprising new data about gender, age, monetization and more – EEDAR asked our games PR team to help spread word of the in-depth and enlightening report to the masses.

Connected Gaming Week – September 26

The Industry

Why Ignoring China is Bad for Mobile Games Development
Mobile development is beginning to adopt the philosophy of console development with the inclusion of higher-end graphics and storytelling, says Kent Wakeford of free-to-play publisher Kabam during his speech at DICE Europe 2014. However, as mobile gaming evolves technologically, developers need to begin thinking about expanding globally.

Connected Gaming Week – August 15

The Industry

Roundtable: Xbox One vs. PS4 at Gamescom
Games Industry
Microsoft and Sony both had Gamescom press briefings this Tuesday, giving the two console makers another chance to build momentum for their hardware heading into the holiday season.

Firefall Launch Sets Internet Ablaze with Barrage of Press Coverage

Coming out of an extended quiet period, Red 5 Studios asked Wonacott to reignite media interest in its much anticipated MMO shooter, Firefall. Condensing a multi-month launch campaign into less than eight weeks, we rolled out a comprehensive yet tightly targeted PR program that not only put the game back on the map – it sent the Internet on fire.