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YoYo Games Wins Design & Creativity Tool Award at Develop Conference 2017

We are incredibly stoked to share that YoYo Games’ GameMaker Studio 2 just won the Design & Creativity Tool Award at Develop Conference! As one of the leading 2D game engines, GameMaker Studio 2 is a classic example of how behind-the-scenes tools are often overshadowed by the games produced using them. From a PR perspective, […]

Bringing an Educational Game Engine to the Right Audiences

YoYo Games’ GameMaker Studio 2, a leading 2D game engine, is well-known for its ease-of-use and dedicated support system from its internal team and community of developers. Countless game creators have used the engine to hone their skills or make their first video game. This made YoYo Games’ decision to release a simple package deal […]

Creating Success for GameMaker Studio 2’s Official Launch

Working in video games is always great, but doing the PR for YoYo Games, an industry leader in 2D video game engines, is truly next level. Once they tasked us to handle media relations for the official launch of GameMaker Studio 2, the stellar follow-up to an incredible game creation tool, we were thrilled to […]

Am I a Man or Robot… Or just a PR Guy Promoting the PS4 Retail Version Launch of The Talos Principle?

What’s up Wona-readers?! WE’RE BACK after some heavy soul-searching PR lifting working with our indie publisher buds at Nighthawk Interactive on the launch of their philosophical first-person puzzler, The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition for the PS4. And now we are jumping straight into the holiday gift list season…. Starting our campaign with some strong coverage […]

Wonacott Invades the Highlands with Indie Developer Kobojo

Following up on a successful GDC for our client Kobojo, our chief PR Guy Jason Wonacott dug up his passport, packed his bags and made his way to Dundee, Scotland – the home of indie developer Kobojo’s new studio – for a media event featuring some of the UK’s top gaming outlets. Believe it or not, Scotland has a long and distinguished history of game development, which we can sum up in three words: Grand Theft Auto. And many of the region’s veteran development talent now call Kobojo home.