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Kobojo’s Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey – iPad Pro Game of the Year

We knew this game was something special since we helped Kobojo with the reveal at Tokyo Game Show last year. And now, we’re proud to say that Apple has named Kobojo’s Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey as the year’s best game on iPad Pro.   Congratulations to our friends/partner/colleagues/karaoke buddies at Kobojo on this amazing accomplishment!   […]

Wonacott Releases EEDAR’s Mobile Games Report, Industry is Abuzz


EEDAR, the largest specialty video game research firm in the world, is always analyzing new trends in the industry. With almost three quarters of Americans owning a smartphone or tablet, EEDAR studied the mobile and tablet games industry and recently released its latest report, “2014 Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming.”  Revealing surprising new data about gender, age, monetization and more – EEDAR asked our games PR team to help spread word of the in-depth and enlightening report to the masses.

Connected Gaming Week – October 24

The Industry 

A Surprising Number of Franchises Have Gone Free-to-Play
Gamer Informer
Free-to-play may not be the total future of the video game industry, but it is absolutely a crucial part of it. From brand new brands to – as this list outlines – established franchises with a fanbase already in place, so many games have adopted the model that it's hard to keep up. 

Connected Gaming Week – September 26

The Industry

Why Ignoring China is Bad for Mobile Games Development
Mobile development is beginning to adopt the philosophy of console development with the inclusion of higher-end graphics and storytelling, says Kent Wakeford of free-to-play publisher Kabam during his speech at DICE Europe 2014. However, as mobile gaming evolves technologically, developers need to begin thinking about expanding globally.

Wonacott Gets the Yarn Ball Rolling

Germany-based Danke Games is carving out new territories in mobile apps with Yarnee, the content collector and generator for social media junkies. Led by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dan Kelly, Yarnee tapped the Wonacott team to enhance awareness and garner interest about its ethos – personal stories should be easy to create, manage, share and archive.

Wonacott Prepares Nexon M’s Legion of Heroes for Battle

Following its success in Korea, game publisher Nexon M is ready to bring the fantasy MMORPG mobile game Legion of Heroes to U.S. gamers. Developed by Ndoors, best known for the hit PC online strategy games Atlantica and Epic of the Three Kingdoms, Legion of Heroes is a critical game for Nexon M – so they asked the Wonacott team to help raise awareness for the game’s upcoming beta testing sign ups…