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Consumer Electronics: VR Headset Gets Crowdfunding Hat Trick of Tech Media Interviews

Situation Overview

Needing exposure in the congested VR headsets and Kickstarter market, tech startup uSens came to Wonacott Communications with the request of reaching the top tech media. Its virtual reality headset, Impression Pi, was competing in a market with media darling hardware, such as Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. And the press generally dismiss fundraising campaign launches. Wonacott had a BIG challenge: get uSens exposure for its Kickstarter and get the attention for its headset reveal – oh, with less than a week before the funding campaign would begin.

The Wonacott Approach

We began by focusing on clearly separating Impression Pi from other VR headsets, standing out to both the media and consumers. Knowing the top tech media are extremely familiar with VR headsets, and would want to have hands-on demos, so we recommended to Usens that they hop on a plane for in person meetings with New York media. They understood the value, so Wonacott pitched and secured briefings with the big three: The Verge, TechCrunch and Mashable.

We then grabbed a position for uSens at Digital Hollywood Spring, a major tech conference, on a panel about VR for gaming, and also hosted AMA on Reddit to garner interest from a massive demographic of tech junkies.


Wonacott played a critical role in helping uSens surpass its Kickstarter goal by a whopping 300%, and secured coverage opportunities with TechCrunch, Mashable and The Verge, in addition to numerous other outlets. Our 8-week campaign netted 45 million impressions across sites Wonacott contacted. Wonacott helped put Impression Pi as a leading candidate in the VR industry placed uSens as a top tech company.