Wonacott Communications

Transcendent PR for 505 Games’ Emotionally-Gripping Last Day of June

Situation Overview The Wonacott team was tasked to plan, organize and execute a comprehensive media outreach campaign for 505 Games’ Last Day of June, the poignant, painterly and beautiful tale of love and loss. Last Day of June’s somber story, unique gameplay and limited outreach window posed interesting challenges, as we needed to highlight the […]

Covert PR Tactics for Polyarc’s VR Game Moss, Reinvigorating Interest in PSVR

Situation Overview Every year the impending arrival of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) brings new sets of tricky situations for our attending clients. For virtual-reality start-up comprised of ex-Bungie developers Polyarc and its VR game Moss, heading to E3 was panning out to be an almost unprecedentedly difficult labyrinth of red tape and media fatigue. Typically […]

Mobile Game Launch: Throwback Mobile JRPG stands out at Tokyo Game Show and during year-plus long campaign before launch

Situation Overview Kobojo – already a major player in the social and mobile gaming space – found itself in a unique position with mobile Japanese Role-Playing Game (JRPG) Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey. Due to strong contacts in Japan, the company offered a unique proposition for gamers – a handcrafted RPG experience created in cooperation with a […]


Situation Overview For more than 50 years, the board game Stratego has been a fan favorite among strategy game aficionados of all ages to show off their tactical cunningness among friends and family. As the game entered the digital age, Dutch videogame publisher and developer Keesing Games tapped Wonacott Communications to help bring the new […]

VIDEOGAME LAUNCH: Overcoming an ownership change in launching Company of Heroes 2

Situation Overview After several successful campaigns together and ultimately bringing our team on board as Agency of Record, global video game publisher THQ tapped Wonacott Communications in summer 2012 to handle PR for its upcoming PC title, Company of Heroes 2. As the sequel to the highest rated real time strategy (RTS) game, there were […]

Trade show: Getting Press off the Beaten Path for Indie Games Previews

Situation Overview After a disappointing media reception at the 2014 Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), Versus Evil turned to Wonacott Communications to help out with press coverage and media hype for 2015. The indie publisher was showcasing five awesome games over three days of the show, but the venue was at an Airbnb apartment off the […]

Consumer Electronics: VR Headset Gets Crowdfunding Hat Trick of Tech Media Interviews

Situation Overview Needing exposure in the congested VR headsets and Kickstarter market, tech startup uSens came to Wonacott Communications with the request of reaching the top tech media. Its virtual reality headset, Impression Pi, was competing in a market with media darling hardware, such as Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. And the press generally dismiss […]

Press Event: Total War Summit brings the franchise’s future to media

Situation Overview 2015 has been an awesome year… NASA discovered water on Mars, the United States and Cuba restarted diplomatic relations and SEGA’s Total War Series celebrated its 15-year anniversary. To make this list, SEGA came to Wonacott with a vision to boost the hype for the series – and on Dec. 3, 2014 Wonacott […]


Situation Overview Dynasty Warriors Online was one of free-to-play massively multi-player online (MMO) game publisher Aeria Game’s first experiences using a licensed title with an established gaming pedigree. With such a huge piece of IP on their hands, Aeria reached out to Wonacott as a PR agency with the necessary experience to reach beyond core […]


Situation Overview Video game publisher THQ wasn’t one for controversy or taking risks with its PR campaigns, but the publisher wanted to shake it up for the 2011 launch of Homefront, a first-person shooter set in the near future depicting North Korea’s occupation of the Western United States. Pitching the publisher – and beating out […]