Jason Wonacott

PR Guy | Los Angeles

Jason created Wonacott Communications in 2007 following several years heading up PR and communications initiatives, both in-house and on the agency side, for industry leading online entertainment companies. He had one goal: Provide the results of a major agency while being affordable, adaptable and approachable – all with a modern perspective on the constantly evolving communications mediums. Adhering to this mantra, Wonacott Communications quickly established itself as a PR partner for a number of start-up and established interactive entertainment, convergence, consumer technology, consumer products/lifestyle and technology companies.

Jason began his career in PR way back in the dot-com boom with the emerging crossroads of consumer technology and digital entertainment, working with digital media, MP3 players, DVRs and set-top boxes, in addition to some of the world’s leading video game companies and organizations. Good times!

Before cross ing over to the dark side, he was a TV reporter with an impressive 8-inch part in his hair, and he also served four years in the U.S. Navy (he doesn’t have any of his uniforms, so don’t ask). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Communication from the University of Oregon (Win the day!) and is member of the Public Relations Society of America.

Though proud of his Oregon roots, Jason has called Los Angeles home for the better part of 15 years. When not in the office he can be found surfing in El Porto, or perusing the local wine store for a good Cabernet deal. Oh, and he is also an Expert certified instructor of Krav Maga, Israeli hand-to-hand combat and self defense, so don’t mess with him.

You can email Jason here.

Johner Riehl

PR Lebowski | San Diego

Sometimes there’s a PR guy (we won’t say he’s a hero because what’s a hero?) who’s the perfect man for his time and place…

Johner has a broad range of PR experience representing leading interactive entertainment and technology companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Midway, and more.  He’s worked in-house, at national agencies, for boutique firms and as a PR consultant.  He’s handled B2B and B2C programs, from product launches to funding news to crisis communications. From Pokémon to Mortal Kombat, Xbox to NeoGeoPocketColor, family-friendly apps to online poker and almost everything in between, he’s been a part of hundreds of game and app launches, establishing relationships with key industry editors, developers and publishers around the globe. 

But wait – there’s more. The PR Lebowski is co-author of the Modern Parent Guidebooks series with Scott Steinberg, founder of FamilyFriendlyVideoGames.com, contributes regularly to TechSavvyMag.com and Zui.com and hosts a weekly podcast called Parent Savers aimed at parents of young kids under three.  He’s also a dad of three boys and lives in San Diego, Calif.

All of this experience will surely help tie any room or PR program together. Times like these call for a PR Lebowski.

Shoot him an email. He'd love to hear from you.

Andrew Park

Special Agent | San Francisco

As Wonacott’s San Francisco Director and boots on the ground in the Bay, Andrew is a PR Special Agent poised to use a particular set of skills – skills acquired over a very long career, skills that make him an invaluable addition to an agency like Wonacott and its clients. He is a veteran of the tech and interactive entertainment spaces, having spent more than 10 years working in, around -- and sometimes through -- computer, console, handheld and mobile games and tech as both a consumer editor and a marcomm strategist.

Andrew's previous tours of duty include working as managing editor at GameSpot.com, where he covered games on all platforms and worked with teams from all functions and around the globe, covering new tech gadgets and games for PC/Windows, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii U, and mobile. He produced both day-to-day stories and also large-scale yearly content projects. He also headed up marcomm for mobile game developer Game Insight, providing communications strategy to help the European company launch numerous titles while expanding its reach both in the US and internationally.

A lifelong resident of the Bay Area in Northern California, Andrew continues to reside in San Francisco, a city he watched grow from a tourist town with a couple of bridges, crazy windy downhill roads, hippies and some cable cars into one of the world's most important locations for technology and games.

Email Andrew. He'd love to hear from you, too. Really. 



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