Wonacott Communications

Final Preview for Sniper Elite 4 Scores with Media Coverage

Balancing campaign needs with partners in multiple markets around the world isn’t always easy – but luckily the Wonacott team is no stranger to coordinated global campaigns. When we heard that Sniper Elite 4 developer Rebellion was hosting an event in the UK for European media, we jumped at the chance to emulate the session […]

The PR Paladin’s Favorite Tech at CES 2017

I’ve always followed CES from afar, but never had an opportunity to attend. This year I got the opportunity to take in the show by staffing Pico Interactive, Inc’s booth and showcasing the company’s amazing new VR headset – the Pico Neo CV. I could *not* have been more ecstatic. We met with a ton […]

My Favorite Tech at CES 2017

Not only am I a PR geek, I’m also a HUGE tech geek. That’s why I freaked out when I went to CES 2017 this past weekend and it was more than awesome! Between the innovative drones, mega-computers, immersive VR headsets and bad-ass cars there were plenty of jaw-dropping moments. Here are my favorite things […]