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Connected Gaming Week – August 15

The Industry

Roundtable: Xbox One vs. PS4 at Gamescom
Games Industry
Microsoft and Sony both had Gamescom press briefings this Tuesday, giving the two console makers another chance to build momentum for their hardware heading into the holiday season.

Wonacott Gets the Yarn Ball Rolling

Germany-based Danke Games is carving out new territories in mobile apps with Yarnee, the content collector and generator for social media junkies. Led by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dan Kelly, Yarnee tapped the Wonacott team to enhance awareness and garner interest about its ethos – personal stories should be easy to create, manage, share and archive.

Firefall Launch Sets Internet Ablaze with Barrage of Press Coverage

Coming out of an extended quiet period, Red 5 Studios asked Wonacott to reignite media interest in its much anticipated MMO shooter, Firefall. Condensing a multi-month launch campaign into less than eight weeks, we rolled out a comprehensive yet tightly targeted PR program that not only put the game back on the map – it sent the Internet on fire. 

Connected Gaming Week – August 1

The Industry

Sony Turns Quarterly Profit With Help From PlayStation Division
Game Informer
Sony has announced its quarterly results for the first quarter of the current fiscal year. The company has reported profits of ¥26.8 billion ($261.8 million) up from ¥3.1 billion ($30.3 million) at this time last year, though still projects a loss of ¥50 billion ($488.4 million) for the current year.