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Wonacott Prepares Nexon M’s Legion of Heroes for Battle

Following its success in Korea, game publisher Nexon M is ready to bring the fantasy MMORPG mobile game Legion of Heroes to U.S. gamers. Developed by Ndoors, best known for the hit PC online strategy games Atlantica and Epic of the Three Kingdoms, Legion of Heroes is a critical game for Nexon M – so they asked the Wonacott team to help raise awareness for the game’s upcoming beta testing sign ups…

Connected Gaming Week – June 20
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Video-streaming service Twitch broadcasted hours of content from E3, and millions of people tuned in to watch. That includes 5.9 million unique viewers on the first day of E3. Throughout the whole show, Twitch had 12 million unique viewers. 
Connected Gaming Week – June 13
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As they say, it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it: in this case, we talk about confidence. It makes the difference in events like this — whether you see it in someone comfortable being on stage or a company comfortable with the message it’s presenting, you can tell when a press conference has confidence and when it doesn’t.
E3 2014 Picture Gallery

Another year, another E3! The Electronic Entertainment Expo started in 1995 and has been going strong ever since. Being the giant video game nerds that we are, we sent our E3 veteran, George Roush, down to the Los Angeles Convention Center to check out the show floor. He came back with his impressions of this year’s show, and also took a ton of pictures. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the show, here’s George's recap and a look at some of the things you missed.

iOS Game Ruzzle Adventure Spells Success with IGN, VentureBeat, more!

In 2012, MAG Interactive’s crazily addictive asynchronous word game Ruzzle became a world-wide phenomenon. With zero marketing the game went on to amass 50 million players, 500 thousand fans on Facebook and an impressive 16 thousand followers on Twitter. So, what next? Make a single player follow up, Ruzzle Adventure. With the stakes high on their sophomore effort, MAG tapped Wonacott to launch the new iOS word puzzle game.

Connected Gaming Week – June 6
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Microsoft on Tuesday, June 3 completed its “final rehearsal” for its E3 2014 press conference, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said on Twitter. “Next stop – LA,” he wrote. This rehearsal was the last trial run Microsoft will hold at its Redmond, Washington headquarters.