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Connected Gaming Week- Feb. 28
The Players
Dean Hall intends to leave developer Bohemia and step down as leader of his hit video game DayZ by the end of the year, Eurogamer can exclusively reveal. The game he created will be left in the hands of the team he leads today. He will start his own studio in his home country of New Zealand, where he'll keep trying to create that elusive, perfect multiplayer game.
Indie, Oh Indie, What Art Thou?

Indie developers, how do I define you? How do I respond when someone has asked me to differentiate an indie developer over another developer?

Indie games have quickly risen in popularity and to date there is no universal definition of an “indie developer.” Because there is an absence of an industry-wide definition, defining certain developers as “indie” has become a hot topic among the media, publishers and developers. This lack of consistency has caused confusion in the game industry, prompting an evolving debate and inspired us to ask ourselves, “What is an ‘indie’ developer?”


Connected Gaming Week – Feb. 21
The Players

When I called Cliff Bleszinski, it was his 39th birthday, and an unusual snow storm had just begun to hit the eastern seaboard. I told him I wanted to talk about things that had changed for him since the launch of his Gears of War franchise, how he felt about its recent sale to Microsoft, and what he wanted to do next.


Truly Social’s “Flirt Planet” Schools Singles in the Language of Love

Tired of looking for a date by hopelessly swiping your phone screen to the left? Or are you annoyed with dating apps that promise to find you love by matching you with every creepy single person that’s within a mile of your current location? Well, this Valentine’s Day, stop scanning for love on the surface and get back to basics. Flirt Planet is the first dating universe that not only connects singles with non-creepy matches, but also offers a little dating 101…FLIRTING! 

Connected Gaming Week – Jan. 14
The Players

It would probably be fair to assume that Avalanche Studios is working on the game everyone has been waiting for them to announce. Are the people who gave us Just Cause and Just Cause 2, exceptionally long-lived games with passionate fans who have yet to grow bored with the playgrounds of destruction they deliver, now working on Just Cause 3?
“Saved By the Bell” and “Punky Brewster” Go Digital with Lion Forge Comics

Lion Forge Comics launched Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster comics last week, under its new all-ages digital imprint, ROAR Comics. The popular TV titles join Lion Forge’s existing list of nostalgic properties, including Airwolf and Knight Rider– which were released last year after the digital publisher obtained licensing rights from NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products. Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster are currently available through the Amazon Kindle Bookstore. They will be sold through additional outlets, including ComicsPlus, in the coming weeks.

Connected Gaming Week – Feb. 7
The Academy of Arts and Sciences announced their video game winners during the annual D.I.C.E. awards ceremony. The Last of Us swept several categories, but check out the full list of winners.