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CGW – March 29 – Till Next Year, GDC

Today is the last day of GDC. During the week exciting announcements were made, valuable information was shared through a plethora of informative panels and winners were revealed for the 13th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards – with Journey sweeping the competition. Out of the ten awards, the game won six for Game of the Year, Innovation Award, Best Audio, Best Downloadable Game, Best Game Design, and Best Visual Arts. Sony gave away more details on the upcoming PlayStation 4. According to Sony Senior Staff Engineer Chris Norden, “The core gamers are our primary audience and are fundamental to PS4 gaming. They're the most engaged users and they're very important advocates for the platform. PS4 is architect-ed around their expectations. At the same time, we want to create a platform that can sail through a broad audience. The interface is designed to be fun, appealing, and accessible to the entire household.” Another aspect of the next-gen console that he highlighted was that it will have a large hard drive, but did not reveal any details on the specifications.

CGW – March 15 – Eyes on PAX East and GDC

Today kicks off two major, back-to-back videogame industry events: PAX East starts today and runs through the weekend in Boston, and GDC starts on Monday, March 25 and runs throughout next week in San Francisco. Excitement is building as publishers reveal what will be shown at PAX East – Nintendo announced their lineup of seven Wii U and nine Nintendo 3DS titles, including Nintendo Land and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Ubisoft posted a message on its Might and Magic X website encouraging attendees to meet them at PAX East, and Blizzard announced that a PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III will be available to play at the consumer-focused show as well. With GDC right around the corner, I’m excited to see what new game and tech announcements will happen and who will bring home some Game Developer Choice Awards.

Who Won The Bing Challenge?

As a public relations professional, it is essential to keep informed and stay on top of the news. We regularly monitor our clients’ and their competitors’ news so that we can conduct analyses and create specialized PR strategies based on the media landscape or react as needed. A tool that helps us do our job well for this particular purpose is a great search engine.

Recently, Microsoft’s CEO Bill Gates participated in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) interview on Reddit where he openly answered questions on all topics, including one that questioned the quality of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. When asked “Do you guys really use Bing? I mean seriously…,” Gates challenged the community to take the “Bing challenge” and responded with, “Seriously Bing is the better product at this point. Try the challenge. I am biased but the work to make Bing better has been amazing.”

His confidence in the search engine piqued my curiosity, and I set forth on the challenge.    

The Best of SXSW

My fellow tech geeks and entertainment junkies – the time has come and gone – South by Southwest (SXSW) wrapped Sunday night. The festival included the best the entertainment industry has to offer in music, film and emerging technologies. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to attend the festival. However, by means of PR support to our client, Music Mastermind (the company was at SXSW with their mobile music creation app, Zya, and we were sure to place the app on TechHive’s radar during their time at the festival) as well as Google Alerts and Twitter, I felt as though I was in Austin, TX.  Here are some of the highlights at SXSW:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Debut – What Do You Think?

Samsung was center stage (literally, holding a press event at Radio City Music Hall) of the technology media world late last week with the unveiling of its next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Does the phone live up to the hype, and will I be getting one? Let’s take a look at the hype versus what Samsung decided to reveal.

<Courtesy of Samsung Mobile>

We’re Lookin’ for a Freelance/Contract PR Pro

This is pretty awesome: We’re looking for a strong mid-career level PR freelancer/contractor who can do it all, with an emphasis on media relations (pitching and placement) and writing (bylined articles, press materials, etc.). For the right person this could be a long term relationship with a steady flow of base hours/work each month. We tend to integrate our contractors into our account teams and treat them like one of the family.

CGW – March 8 – Competition is King for Core Gamers

eSports, competitive gaming, has been gaining popularity year after year. Professional gamers form teams, train daily and earn sponsorships to compete against the best in the world, while millions of fans watch for entertainment. As the following increases for eSports, a slew of fantastic opportunities flood in, including an abundance of new sponsors and an increase and demand for organized pro tournaments.

What Happens When a Good Game Meets the Right Advertising and PR Efforts

Cie Games, a Wonacott client, was featured on the recent Facebook’s earnings call as a successful example of utilizing the Facebook mobile advertising platform. The platform drove installs for the iOS game Car Town Streets. Through this initiative, Cie Games was able to achieve 40 percent lower cost per installation compared to other advertising.

Are You a Competitive Gamer?

Xfire’s newly launched Battleground, a fully automated online competitive tournament system, will bring competitive gaming to the masses, allowing them to challenge friends directly, set up personal tournaments, compete in sponsored tournaments for prizes and more. We worked with Xfire to spread the news far and wide this week, to sites including Got Game, Los Angeles Business Journal, PC Games N and VG 24/7