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Tales of (PR) Woe

[Source: 99 Problems But a Pitch Ain't One]

Author’s note: Read in the style of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.”

 *Disclaimer: This blog post is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to real clients, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Some humoring required. Use only as directed. Your mileage may vary.

CGW – Oct. 26 – ESRB Goes Digital

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) is the not-for-profit watchdog of the video games industry in North America, tasked with assigning ratings to all video games to help consumers make informed purchases (rewind to news of 10 year olds playing Grand Theft Auto if you need to remember why this is important). Now the ESRB is finally catching up to the digital distribution age by expanding it to cover Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, Vita, 3DS, Windows 8 and other digital aggregators. Most importantly, it will now flag games that share locations, share user info and have online user interactions, which hopefully will put an end to surprise Facebook updates. Seriously though, it's great the ESRB is finally catching up.

Great Idea for Your Weekend – Legends of Loot

If you are looking for fun things to do this weekend, make sure to check out Majesco Entertainment’s first mobile game, Legends of Loot. The fun-filled dungeon-crawler sets you on an enthralling journey through a series of engaging mazes and gripping quests to save the kingdom and become a great explorer. Check out the news on 148Apps, Polygon and VentureBeat.

Ask Not What Your Smartphone Can Do For You,Ask What You Can Do With Vote For Me App for iOS/Android

Whether you think Obama should apologize for his “Apology Tour” or laughed at Romney's “bayonettes and horses” gaffe, we've got an app for you. The fate of the country lies in your hands (if you're holding a smartphone or tablet) with Vote For Me, a satirical political simulation and puzzle game for Android and iOS mobile devices. Check out the launch trailer and iPhone Captain’s video review.

League of Legends Season 2 World Championship Final Recap

Last Saturday, three of Wonacott’s finest had a chance to attend what could be the most anticipated eSports event in North America: the League of Legends Season 2 World Championship Final between South Korea’s Azubu Frost (AZF) and Taiwan’s Taipei Assassins (TPA). As a Korean, I have been exposed to eSports for quite a while, but this was my first live eSports experience and I was excited!

CGW – Oct. 19 – Piranha’s Pre-sale Success

Piranha Games is turning FASA's “BattleTech” franchise (giant walking death robots from the pen-and-paper RPG era) intoMechwarrior Online, a fully functional free-to-play MMO akin to World of Tanks or Hawken. I'm not going to lie, the mention of BattleTech twinges my nostalgia bone in a funny way, so I ponied up to their Founder's Program, a pre-release premium item at $30, $60 or $120 tiers, which offers a handful of in-game items and closed beta access. Turns out I'm not the only one, as Piranha raised $5.2 million in Founders sales, which was a big boost for the game. I'd love to see more MMO companies look hard at strategies for attracting early adopters to help build up community base, it certainly has a proven track record.

Xulu Universe: Empowering Players & Builders

Last week, Xulu Entertainment, a Wonacott client, virtually sat down with Suzie Ford, Associate Editor for MMORPG.com to walk her through Xulu Universe, a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online physics-based virtual world. Suzie does a great job of capturing what Xulu Universe is offering to players, and how the players can create and share original content with other. Find out more via the link below.

Mobile Gaming USA East 2013 Debuting in the Big Apple

Are you a mobile game developer or publisher hoping to gain tips for success, or just a plain mobile game fanatic looking to learn about the industry? From Jan. 30-31, Video Games Intelligence will be hosting the first-ever Mobile Gaming USA East 2013 in New York City. Bringing together the biggest names in mobile video games, sessions will focus on the hottest topics in mobile gaming with presentations, panels and debates featuring the most innovative companies in the industry.

Confirmed speakers include:

Check out the news on Gamasutra, Develop-Online, and PocketGamer for more information on how you can attend!

The Devil’s in the Details for Google

Today, the always on-point Google is learning that it’s not always best to come first – this morning, Google’s financial printing company R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. experienced firsthand the disastrous effects of overlooking the minute details. R.R. Donnelley posted a draft of its press release announcing that Google did not meet its profit goals for the third quarter, with a placeholder for a quote from Chief Executive Officer Larry Page still included. As a result, Google lost billions of dollars within hours from this simple mistake, reminding us all how costly even the little things can be.

A Modest Proposal for Facebook as it Hits One Billion Users

I got a post on my Facebook wall the other day. A friend said something about a video I had “liked.”

… But I couldn’t recall liking any videos. I looked at my wall and didn’t see anything either. Assuming I’d accidentally enabled some annoying app that alerted friends to what I was watching, I posted a status update apologizing for cluttering up their feeds with crap. I also used the opportunity to get a little dig in at Facebook – I’m pretty social media savvy, so I assumed that whatever I’d enabled had been especially sneaky about getting my permission to post on my behalf.