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Kill3rCombo Welcomes the Throngs at Anime Expo

Anime Expo 2012 kicks off today! Kill3rCombo (Wonacott Client) is making its presence known with a cosplay team that will make you look twice. Some of the best cosplayers in the country are paying homage to Kill3rCombo’s online action game Elsword. Each cosplay team member is helping bring Elsword to life for the enjoyment of other fans, who also have the chance of getting hands-on with new Elsword content at the booth, compete in tournaments and win prizes throughout the weekend!

Check them out:

If you haven’t already, be sure to look into Elsword and check back for additional coverage from Anime Expo!


James Cosmo Walks Into a Church…

If Wonacott were to sit next to prolific Scottish actor James Cosmo in a pub, we’d be pretty stoked, as a number of us are huge “Game of Thrones” fans. Cosmo, best known for his roles in “Braveheart” and “GoT,” also lends his voicing talents to (Wonacott client) THQ’s upcoming title Darksiders II. Recently he chatted with Digital Trends about his work on the game.

Connected Gaming Week – Jun 29, 2012

How well do you know the man behind Wonacott Communications, Jason Wonacott himself? Now you can know him a little better, thanks to Casual Connect's in-depth interview! The organizers of the premier social gaming trade show posed him a series of questions about online games and entertainment, which touches on the principles we uphold in Connected Gaming Week.


Rebel Entertainment Unveiled, Debuts Dungeon Rampage

Congratulations to Rebel Entertainment, our client, which announced the development of its first social game, Dungeon Rampage, a free-to-play action RPG. Unlike most Facebook games, Dungeon Rampage allows players to battle together in real-time and interact synchronously (yep, making the dream a reality).  Check out some of this week’s coverage on GamesIndustry International and VentureBeat !

Happy Anniversary Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association

The end of June is always an exciting time, and not just because Anime Expo and Comic-Con are around the corner. It’s because the Supreme Court, an institution that’s been in the headlines a lot recently, tends to hand down some big decisions around this time each year. One year and one day ago today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that video games deserve First Amendment protection, in the same way that books, movies, plays and other forms of expression are considered “speech,” and are deserving of First Amendment protection. After spending years combating poorly drawn legislative restrictions from multiple states, the video game industry and proponents of free speech everywhere could finally claim victory when the highest court in the land put the debate to rest: video games are art.

Video games as art: a screenshot from THQ’s upcoming Metro: Last Light.

Casual Connect Interviews Jason Wonacott

Check out Casual Connect’s website for an in-depth interview with our very own CEO, Jason Wonacott, as he delves into the in’s and out’s of videogames PR, and offers insight into existing and future trends within the realm of interactive entertainment.

If you’re a game developer or publisher looking for some advice regarding marketing your game (and the pitfalls to avoid) – or if you’re just curious about how you can go from being a videogames nerd enthusiast to doing PR for them – then have a read!

Connected Gaming Week – June 22, 2012

To build a legacy in the gaming industry isn't to release a few hit titles, it requires a longevity that supersedes a generation of consoles. Chinese Internet and mobile operator Tencent made a huge stride in establishing its own dynasty this week by acquiring a significant minority stake in Epic Games, creators of the Gears of War franchise and owners of the Unreal graphics engine license. How this fits in to Tencent's  online gaming future hasn't been disclosed yet, but if the success of League of Legends, which the company acquired last year for $400 million is any indication, Tencent's legacy is just beginning.

The End is Near, Death Lives in THQ’s Latest Live-Action Trailer

Ironically, Death accelerates pulses in THQ’s newest live-action trailer for Darksiders II. See what happens when James Cosmo (“Game of Thrones”, “Braveheart”), the apocalypse and Death all collide in the latest trailer, entitled “Last Sermon,” featured exclusively on Machinima.com.

Be sure to check out Darksiders II when it launches in August, pre-orders are available now at Darksiders.com.

Connected Gaming Week – June 15, 2012

Hardware doesn't always get the spotlight in the CGW, but the bottom line is without online devices we can't play online games. At the Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference this week, the lifestyle computer manufacturer unveiled what might be the single best laptop ever built, especially once you see Diablo III running at full resolution on its retina display. Not to mention the new update for Mac OSX will add Game Center for cross-over play with iOS devices. Dare we say we're on the cusp of hearing the term “Mac gamer”?

Localization, Localization, Localization

[Comparison of Seven Souls Online websites for Korea (left) and North America (right)]

One of the more interesting features of video games that I have learned about since I joined Wonacott Communications in 2009 is the importance of localization, a process that a video game goes through in order to better suit the needs of an audience in a certain region. Specifically, I have seen several Asian MMOs fail in the North American market due to poor localization. Players are quick to turn against poorly localized games, and also very vocal about it when commenting on news articles and forum posts.