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Xfire Reveals Impressive Diablo III Statistics

Shout out to our client, Xfire, for being featured on both Forbes and Game Trailers today!  Xfire, which boasts more than 21 million registered users, shared statistics showing how Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo III success is pulling gamers away from other titles such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

Xfire’s President, Mark Donovan, revealed “35,000 Xfire players are playing 10 million minutes of Diablo III per day,” in an interview with Forbes. Take a look at some additional data and insight from Mark in today’s coverage!



Connected Gaming Week – May 25, 2012

It's Memorial Day weekend – you know what that means, right? It means we're only eleven days out from the doors opening on E3, the gaming industry's biggest show of the year. Gamesindustry.bizkicked the week off by posing an interesting question – “why is E3 the biggest show of the year?” Its editors weighed in on the continued relevancy of E3, since despite the growth of online, mobile and social games, they're still vastly underrepresented at the show.

Grand Cru Adds Former Wooga Marketing Head to The Supernauts Team

You may remember our client Grand Cru from earlier this year when it exited stealth with a cool $2 million in funding. Now the ground-breaking social developer is back with a new super addition to The Supernauts team. Thorbjörn Warin, the former head of marketing for Wooga Games just joined the 'Cru' as marketing and business development director. Pocket Gamer has the inside scoop on Thorbjörn's hiring, check it out!

Wonacott, E3 and Me (Oh, and our clients at this year’s show)

My first E3 was in 2006. I was working for Hollywood Previews, a digital magazine, and my job was to get on-camera interviews with the people behind all the biggest games. The first day, I wore heels: Big mistake. I’d been to the Staples Center before, but I didn’t realize how big it is until I made 16 laps to get to all of my meetings in less than eight hours per day.

At that same E3 I met Jason Wonacott, who was working for Webzen at the time. Six years later, I made the move from journalist to PR professional, Jason owns Wonacott Communications – where I’ve worked for three years today – and… we’re partnered with Webzen for their first E3 appearance since 2006. Small world.

Connected Gaming Week – May 18, 2012

We're kicking off this week's CGW with some awesome Wonacott news – the addition of Mark Van Lommel to the video games and technology team as account director. He joins us from Nexon America, where he managed product PR for several renowned free-to-play PC, social and mobile games. Before that, he led several campaigns for the Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE Arcade, including some of my favorite titles: Mass EffectGears of War 2 and Halo Reach. Welcome aboard, Mark!


Death Tears it Up in THQ’s Newest Trailer for Darksiders II

We’re not ones for challenging Death, and from the looks of (Wonacott client) THQ‘s newest Darksiders II trailer, that seems to be a smart move. Check out the trailer at leading games site GameSpot, and be sure to grab Darksiders II when the game launches in August.  

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Meet Director Mark Van Lommel

We Wonawelcome the newest addition to the Wonacott Communications team: Mark Van Lommel, a video games PR nerd veteran with nearly 10 years of experience in the industry.

Making a Great Game Takes Time

Wonacott client Creative Kingdom Inc., started with a big idea in 2009. They built Planet Cyrene, a game within Mindark's virtual world, Entropia Universe, that hinges on a real cash economy. What's a “real cash economy,” you ask? It's just like it sounds. Players spend real-world money to buy in-game items. By extension, and this is where Entropia Universe stands out, it means that players can also make real-world money by selling in-game items. Planet Cyrene's twist on this was adding in player-versus-player (PvP) elements to the massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS). 

Connected Gaming Week – May 11, 2012

Statistically speaking, Angry Birds, the reigning king of all mobile games, has been downloaded by one out of every seven people on the planet as the highly entertaining slingshot game eclipsed its billionth download this week. Not that Angry Birdsdeveloper Rovio would need to do anything else after it's Facebook- and Zynga-scale success, but the company just revealed its next mobile title: Amazing Alex. The new physics game is the first departure from the furious franchise for Rovio. Only time will tell if Angry Birds was just “lightning in a bottle” or if Rovio found the secret for mobile success.